Contact & Error report

Error report & questions

If you want to make an error report that is not urgent or you have questions about rent, lost key, pests, etc., you send a message to GreenDoor. Use the form below

In case of emergency

Use the numbers below when there is risk for injury on people or property damage or that that there is risk that sanitary nuisance may occur. Unnecessary calls are charged to the caller.

Attundagränd 3 Sköntorpsvägen 27 Kungssätravägen 33
Elevator 020-48 48 00 0200-887 878 08-522 258 00
Property issues 08-657 77 20 08-657 77 20 08-657 64 00
Disturbances 08-657 77 20 08-657 77 20
Pest control 075-245 10 00

Unnecessary calls are charged to the caller.

House Host

Your house host is regularly in the property. Times will be posted on the bulletin board. Please visit if you have any questions or just want to talk a little.

When the office is not manned, you can either email or call. Phone hours’ weekdays between 08:00 and 13:00.
Phone number: 08-475 53 70

Boendevärden finns regelbundet på plats i fastigheten. Tider anslås på plats. Titta gärna in på om du har några frågor eller bara vill prata lite.

Adress and contact details

GreenDoor Fastigheter AB
GreenDoor Tabellen AB
GreenDoor Byggnads AB
GreenDoor Sätra AB

Mail adress:
GreenDoor Fastigheter
c/o dgtlpost AB #100483
Agavägen 52
181 55 Lidingö
08-475 53 70