To Thrive

Common areas

The common areas are laundry room, study room, storage room, bicycles-, prams- and wheelchair storage room, staircase, elevator, hallways, courtyard. We are all responsible for these areas.


All tenants have access to the laundry room. We have an electronic booking system of the laundry room, which means that you book your time on the board outside the laundry room or on the website. The laundry room is open between 07:00 and 22:00.
For security reasons, you will not have access to the laundry room at other times.

Storage room

For residents who have storage room, we would like to remind you that electricity and / or water must not be connected to the storage room. Ask your host where you have your storage room in the property.

Bicycles-, prams-  and wheelchair storage

There are bicycles-, prams- and wheelchair storage area for you to store your bike, pram or wheelchair. For safety reasons, only bicycles are allowed to be parked in designated areas.
In bicycle storage room is air pump and tools to borrow to be able to take care of your bike. Mopeds and motorcycles must not be stored in the bike room.


The land around the house belongs to the property. Take care of the plants and flowers. They are there, for you to enjoy. We help each other to avoid damage to the external environment. For everybody’s comfort we put rubbish in the bins.

Home insurance

As a tenant, you are responsible for your home and therefore it is important that you have valid home insurance at all times.
It can be expensive without insurance! Without insurance, you are entirely without protection if you are exposed to burglary, vandalism, water leakage or fire. It can be very expensive for you.

House Rules


You may not play music in your home or otherwise act to disturb your neighbors. Should you have a party, we recommend that you inform your neighbors in advance and ask them to tell if they are disturbed.

Hammering and drilling

You may not hammer, drill or perform any other disturbing work in your apartment at 22.00-07.00 weekdays and 22.00-10.00 Saturday, Sunday and other holidays.

Water flushing

Avoid flushing water between 23.00 and 06.00.

Smoking is not allowed

Smoking in the home is not allowed. Smoking is also prohibited in the public areas and on the balcony or patio.

Vehicle and driving

Avoid driving a car, moped and other vehicles within the property. For example, do you have to drive to the entrance gate, take care and be careful as well as pay attention to playing children.

Bicycle parking

Bicycle parking and bicycle storage rooms are only for bicycle storage. Mopeds and others are forbidden to store there and will be disposed of at the expense of the owner.


Park cars, motorcycles and mopeds only in designated parking spaces.


Pets are not allowed in the residence or in copmmon areas.

Feeding animals

Feeding animals is not allowed.

Installation of house machines

You must have special permission from the land lord before you install laundry machine, dishwasher or kitchen fan etc. The installation must always be done in a professional manner.

Antennas, signs and awnings

You must have special permission from the property owner before you install outdoor satellite dishes, outdoor antennas, signs, awnings and the like.

Objects in the entrance and starways

In order to ensure free escape routes in case of fire, do not leave objects in the entrance hall, stairways, hallways.

Laundry room

Follow the rules and instructions for booking and using the laundry room.

Garbage disposal

Dispose of your householda garbage and sort into designated bins. To leave waste / debris on the ground next to the bin because it is full is not allowed. Instead, report that the bin is full to the land lord. It is not allowed to leave bulky waste in the garbage room.

Furnishings and equippment

You must have special permission from the landlord to make changes to the apartment’s permanent furnishings and equipment. This also applies to the apartment’s water, heating and electricity systems.

Balcony, patio and windows

Keep your patio free from snow and ice. Do not leave windows and doors open to prevent water and frost damage. Avoid storage of combustible material on your balcony / patio.


It is not allowed to do barbeque on balconies and patios. It is only allowed at specially designated places within the property.

Do not flush fluids down the drain

Do not flush liquids (such as cooking oil) that may cause a drain blockage in the sink or toilet. Ask your house host if you are unsure.

Make error reports as soon as possible

You are required to report any errors and defects that occur in the apartment to the property owner as soon as possible. This also applies if you notice any pests. An error report is most easily made on

Home insurance

You must sign a home insurance for your apartment, which applies throughout your stay with us.